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Oh hi! My name is Fiona and I’m a Visual Designer based in Vancouver. With a deep rooted passion for music, culture, & community, I like translating thoughts, ideas, and emotions into visual content and finding a balance between creativity and strategy.

SELECT WORK (2016-2023)

Freehouse Collective
Dutch Love
420 Field Trip
Dicky’s Dumps x Sing Sing
Women in High Demand
Bass Coast Festival App
At the Waldorf


RED Academy / The Waldorf Hotel / Earls Kitchen + Bar / Nike / Victory Creative / Yuk Yuks Comedy / Dutch Love / Gazzy by Gazzo / Queer as Jokes / Freehouse Collective / Bomber Brewery

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Campaign Strategy

In support of International Women’s Day, Dutch Love launched a community program called Women in High Demand - a quarterly review that features women in the cannabis industry who #ChoosetoChallenge the status quo, inspire us to think critically about our actions, raise awareness about gender inequality and celebrate women's achievements.⁠




Featured Queens:
Emily Leung of Ohai
Camille Chacra of Allume
Emily Heffring of Your Bag of Holding
Victoria Ashley of Laundry Day


Pride 2021

In celebration of pride, we showcased virtual drag, music, dance and comedy shows, collaborated with Toronto’s largest drag brunch PlayDate, and worked with local drag queens to create looks inspired by their favourite cannabis strains.

Featured Queens:
Tiffany Boxx as Tangerine Dream
Amy Grindhouse as Birthday Cake
Misty Meadows as White Widow

International Women‘s Day 2022


From digital marketing to training + recruitment, we put the limelight on the ladies that drive Dutch Love. We also featured up and coming local talent and content creators who are raising the bar high in the cannabis industry.