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Oh hi! My name is Fiona and I’m a Visual Designer based in Vancouver. With a deep rooted passion for music, culture, & community, I like translating thoughts, ideas, and emotions into visual content and finding a balance between creativity and strategy.

SELECT WORK (2016-2023)

Freehouse Collective
Dutch Love
420 Field Trip
Dicky’s Dumps x Sing Sing
Women in High Demand
Bass Coast Festival App
At the Waldorf


RED Academy / The Waldorf Hotel / Earls Kitchen + Bar / Nike / Victory Creative / Yuk Yuks Comedy / Dutch Love / Gazzy by Gazzo / Queer as Jokes / Freehouse Collective / Bomber Brewery

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420 Field Trip

Campaign Strategy

Recognized as one of the Best 420 Marketing Campaigns of 2021 and nominated for Best Marketing Campaign of 2021, 420 Field Trip was a digital + in-store campaign that celebrated the origin of “4:20”.

Campaign Strategy: Fiona Samson
Graphic Design + Illustrations:  Blair Massey

Inspired by classic stoner films, this campaign included an online scavenger hunt, a guide to classic 420 movies + strain pairings, an exclusive interview with Georgia Love (former Head of Photography at Herb), playlist curation by world renowned DJ Skratch Bastid, and an IG Live grow tour with the master growers of BZAM Cannabis.