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Oh hi! My name is Fiona and I’m a Visual Designer based in Vancouver. With a deep rooted passion for music, culture, & community, I like translating thoughts, ideas, and emotions into visual content and finding a balance between creativity and strategy.

SELECT WORK (2016-2023)

Freehouse Collective
Dutch Love
420 Field Trip
Dicky’s Dumps x Sing Sing
Women in High Demand
Bass Coast Festival App
At the Waldorf


RED Academy / The Waldorf Hotel / Earls Kitchen + Bar / Nike / Victory Creative / Yuk Yuks Comedy / Dutch Love / Gazzy by Gazzo / Queer as Jokes / Freehouse Collective / Bomber Brewery

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At the Waldorf Hotel

Brand Manager + Digital Marketer

Built in the late 1940s, The Waldorf Hotel is one of Vancouver’s cherished arts & entertainment establishments, housing the infamous Tiki Bar, Hideaway Lounge, and Tabu Stage.

As the Digital Marketer + Brand Manager at the Waldorf Hotel, I managed and promoted numerous live events, musical acts, private parties, and concerts.
Branding + poster design of weekly events + shows, event photography, talent buying, and content creation for all social media platforms.

Social Media
Content creation + management of the branded Instagram account:

Poster Design

A combination of digital + print media.

Featured in Daily Hive’s Dished:
Where to get authentic tiki cocktails in Vancouver

Website Redesign

A reimagined mockup + rebrand of the current website.